Marine Parade- Mind care for Gen Z


A clear mind and calm emotions can really help you do better in school, work and relationships.

Marine Parade and Shadee.Care would like to help you do so with these activities:


Covid has disrupted our lives and messed up our plans. And for some of us, that’s not so ok. Having someone to talk to and people to journey with us while we get back on track can be helpful. Join us in this group chat facilitated by trained counsellors where we can share what weighs us down, find our strength and move forward.

Sign up by 23 Nov

Date of chat: 25 Nov

Time: 9pm ( 1 to 1.5 hours)

Group size: 10 max

Place: Zoom

Sign up here:




    Do you know that movement can affect your brain?

    This is a movement experience workshop where you will:

    • Learn to warm up your brain and body with the Brain Dance
    • Use movement for self-reflection to gain better self-awareness

    This is not a dance class and participants do not need to know anything about dance. Movement intensity will be adjusted to suit the participants, however please ensure that you do not have any health concerns.

    Sign up by 25 Nov

    Date: 27 November 2021

    Time:  2pm

    Duration: 1 hour

    Class size: 20 people

    Place: Zoom

    Sign up here:



      Caring for your mind is as important as your body and we can make this a daily activity.

      Send in your video now, voting starts 19 Nov

      • 3 x $300 cash prize for tiktok videos that shout out the importance of including mental wellness in our daily lives.
      • Send in your Tiktok videos now.
      • Lucky voters can win $20 cash voucher.
      • Voting from 19 Nov to 17 Dec 2021

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      Mind Care @ Shadee.Care


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