Marine Parade Online Safe Space for Youths


Stressed out with no-one to talk to? This group chat may just be that Safe Space for you. 

This online chat for Marine Parade youths will help us to order our inner world so that we gain the knowledge and skills in the following areas and more.

  • Understand more about ourselves to build a more confident and resilient self.
  • Explore effective ways of dealing with unhelpful thoughts and emotions.
  • Find better ways of handling relationships.
  • Learn better ways to cope and navigate the challenges that we face at home, school and social media.

This is an ongoing online group where you can chat with other young people your age, discuss specific topics after each learning session and help each other with the issues that we face.

The group starts off with an online learning session on a specific topic and then move onto a secure app-based group chat.  The on-going group chat will be facilitated by a trained moderator and supported by qualified mental health personals.

Age of participants:  17 to 24.

Number of participants per group: 20 participants

First online learning session: End April 2023.

Please sign up by  30 Mar 2023


Sign up here

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