Mind Madoka GL – 1. Flower Field


You come across a field full of flowers, huge and alien looking. One of them is a huge purple flower, with a stem as thick as your wrist. Touching it, you realise that it doesn’t feel soft against your palm, but hard like iron.

Wisdom link (Https://shadee.care/what’s-my-strength)

Group Work

One player in the group throws.

Roll a DC12 and check your strength level to pick the flower.

Dice score of 7 or more is a pass. Less than 7 is a fail.

Group Facilitation:

  • Pass: You use a huge amount of strength to rip the purple flower out of the ground. You feel pumped up and brimming with strength.
    • Share your strengths with each other (1 pt)
  • Fail: You pull and pull, but it seems you’re too weak.
    • Identify a time you tried and failed at something.
    • Would you try again, why and why not?
    • Score is based on the throw of dice.

Knowing your personal strengths and using it at the work place can help to make work easier and help you to stand-out in your abilities. However, learning from failures is not a wasted experience.

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