Mind Madoka GL – 10.Lost



You’re lost! You thought you knew where you were going, then suddenly it hit you that the journey hasn’t been what you thought it would be.

Wisdom link (https://shadee.care/disappointment/)

Wisdom link (https://shadee.care/creating-destiny/)


Group work

What should you do? Decide as a group.

·       Stop where you are and check your compass

·       Keep going in the direction that you had set out in.

·       Back track some distance.

Group Facilitation:


Award these point according to the group decision


·       Stop and check compass(1 pt)

·       Keep going (0 pts)

·       Back track (1 pts)


We will inevitably make mistakes, fail to achieve targets, get passed over for a promotion. This can knock us off course and disappointment could set in. One way to recalibrate is to pause and

  • Look back at the decisions that have brought you to where you are as a learning experience and without hating yourself.
  • Think of what you can do to get back on track or move forward.


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