Mind Madoka GL – 11.Misery Fog



A thick fog descends upon the forest. With it sweeps a deep wave of melancholy and despair. Everything pleasant and familiar is swallowed by the fog. What can you do?

Wisdom link ( https://shadee.care/reframing-negative-thoughts/)

Wisdom link (https://shadee.care/disappointment/)

Wisdom link (https://shadee.care/growth-mindset/)


Group Work

Have you been in a similar situation? Share briefly your experience.

Referring to the approach in reframing negative thoughts, each Player

–        shares a way to reframe the situation to something more positive or

–        share how you would use these tips in real life.


Group Facilitation:


Facilitate the group to apply Reframing approaches in the situations that they share.


Get the group to throw a D12, each member get the number of points in that one throw.


That heavy mind fog can happen suddenly because of an unexpected situation or gradually accumulating through many micro stressors. When these emotions are not addressed, it could lead to more severe conditions. Reframing is a good start to address negative emotions and thought patterns. However, if the situation is complex and severe, getting professional help would be recommended.

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