Mind Madoka GL – 12.Satyre




You come across a clearing in which a large group of satyrs are feasting. There is music and rich food. They invite you to eat and party with them. Do you join?

Wisdom link (https://shadee.care/peer-pressure/)

Wisdom link (https://shadee.care/boundaries/)


Group Work:

Discuss if you should join in. Yes or no?

Group Facilitation:

  • Yes: You are swept into feasting and dancing. As you dance, you feel tired, and try to pull away, but the satyr pressures you to keep dancing. (0 pts)
  • No: You shake your head, and turn away. Enraged, the satyr takes a swipe at you with a huge hoof as you turn to leave. (-1pt)

Ask the group to discuss:

o   What can you say to politely disengage from such situations?

o   How can avoid social pressure and decline an invitation without being offensive?



At the work-place, sometimes certain jobs may require you to engage in activities that do not align with your personal values. How can you decline such activities without offending the others.

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