Mind Madoka GL – 14.Discouraged Young Man



You come across a young man. He is sitting by the side of the road, looking dejected.

The young man doesn’t want to continue on the journey as he is afraid of reaching the city where everyone is two feet taller than he is.

Wisdom Link ((https://shadee.care/self-perception/))

Wisdom Link (( https://shadee.care/reframing-negative-thoughts/)


Group Work

Briefly read the article on Self-perception (https://shadee.care/self-perception/)

Everyone in the group to say something to the young man to encourage him.

You can refer to the following Perspective Taking tips


Group Facilitation

Game Leader can play the role of the young man and you can respond to the things they say to you.

If they roleplay well, the young man may join up with them to continue the journey over 2 squares. The party can add one additional member point as they move along.


Competition is present within and without at work. Sometimes we may not feel adequate in what we do. Our perspective will decide how we feel and how adaptable we are in unfavourable situations.

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