Mind Madoka GL- 2.Mushroom Patch



You come across a thick patch of various mushrooms. Pick one!

a)     The small, round brown ones. They’re familiar, and you know they’re delicious

b)     The strange spotted mushrooms you don’t recognise

Wisdom Link (https://shadee.care/adaptability/)

Group Work:

Each player to makes their own choice and share their reasons for doing so.

Once they have finished sharing, collate the choices. The highest number of the individual choices becomes the groups choice

Group Facilitation:

·       Familiar Mushroom: The mushrooms taste as they should. (1 pt)

  • Strange Mushroom: You are strangely surprised that the mushrooms taste quite good. U enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal. Roll a DC12. Each member gains the pts shown on the dice.



Are you a conservative or adventurous person?

Familiarity is a safe zone for most people. While some may be happy with the same job scope, others may prefer new challenges. We know ourselves best and what suits us most.

However, in this day and age of constant technological change, our jobs will continue to evolve. Having an adaptable mindset and spirit of curiosity and learning will help us to ride the twist and turns better.

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