Mind Madoka GL – 20.Gnomes



You come across two little gnomes playing a game of dice. They ask you if you’d like to join, but you have no money. They suggest that you can play, and bet with your life-force. If you win, they’ll help you win the game.

Wisdom link (https://shadee.care/creating-destiny/)

Group work

Each player to share whether or not to play and why?

The group decision will be based on the most popular choice. Play or don’t play.

Group Facilitation:


Depending on the group choice

  • Play: Roll a D12. If you get 10 or more, the gnomes tell you where the secret passage is. If you get 10 or less, you lose the points over the last 2 squares.
  • Decline: “That sounds horrifying. You walk away”. (0 points)



How much risk are you willing to take? How do you assess and make your choice? To take risk we need to know the corporate culture and goals. We also need to know our personal values, resources and ability to withstand risk taking.


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