Mind Madoka GL – 5.Walking Tree



As you’re walking, one of the trees around you starts to move. It bends down towards you, and in its bark you see a huge, old face.

In a slow, old voice: “Well hello young travellers. Short legs make for weary feet. Could I offer you a lift?”

Wisdom link ( https://shadee.care/2023/08/02/king-the-land-thriving-in-your-work-place/ )


Group Work:

Do you accept a ride from this old tree?

Discuss and make a group decision.

Group Facilitation:

  • Yes:

You each climb into his branches, and he begins to walk in long, meandering strides.

After some time, he sets you down.

Treebeard voice: “Here I must leave you. Goodbye”.

He turns around, and lumbers away into the forest.


Move the party’s marker two squares in their choice direction. Each player will get additional (2 pts) in the next 2 round.


  • No:

Treebeard voice: No? Very well, young travellers. Some paths we must walk for ourselves. But do not forget- it is not a shameful thing to receive help.

He settles down and turns back into a tree. (0 pts)



Learning from experienced colleagues and seeking mentors can help you to make big strides at the workplace.

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