Mind Madoka GL – 8.Someone Needs Help


The day is bright and clear. The road is fresh. You think you could make good tracks today. Maybe even twice your usual speed. But as you’re walking, you hear a cry for help.


Wisdom Link (https://shadee.care/2023/08/02/king-the-land-thriving-in-your-work-place/)


Group Work

Discuss what you should do as a group

a)     Explore where the cry is coming from.

b)     Keep walking


Group Facilitation:

  • Go and help:

It takes you a long time to find the source of the voice. It was a talking rabbit! He’d been caught in a trap. After you free him, he thanks you profusely. As a reward, he tells you a secret path. Your group will skip a square and one point will be added for each member in the next square.


  • Keep walking:

You keep thinking about that person who needed help. You’re so distracted, you don’t make up all that much time after all. (0 pts)


·       Time out: You slow down, but ultimately decide not to go out of your way. (0 pts)


Showing empathy may be time consuming but building relationships at the workplace is a worthwhile investment

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