Mind Madoka GL – 9.Siren



You come to a wide river. A strange song floats across the rushing water. It stirs up in you an emotion as wild as the waters, a feeling that has threatened to drown you before. What emotion is it?

Wisdom link (https://shadee.care/managing-emotions/)

Group work:

Each player to share

  • An experiences or situations where you suddenly felt an unexpected emotion in a work situation.
  • What was that emotion? anger, sadness, anxiety, guilt etc.
  • How did you manage to contain that emotion?
Group Facilitation:


Facilitate the sharing in a gentle manner. Some players may experience triggers or may not be able to control their emotions. Call for assistance if this happens.

If everyone shares, each player gets (3 pts)

If nobody wants to share, then read out the above 3 statements one at a time, pausing to allow time for the members to reflect quietly.

Each player gets (2 pts)

This sharing is about emotional triggers. This is sensitive topic and members should not be forced to share if they do not want to.



At the workplace we may experience different situations that may stir up unwanted emotions. Knowing our emotional reaction patterns will helps us to be better prepared to manage our emotions in such situations.


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