Mind Madoka GL – Voltex

As Game Leader you can either

  • Use the stress management challenge below for your group
  • Use any challenge from any square which has been by-passed by the group
  • Give your group a rest if the journey has been intense.


Stress challenge


You are in an unknown zone. You have been separated from your group and fallen into a deep and dark pit with strange noises. Suddenly you smell smoke which swells up to choke you.

A strange creature appears stirring a pot and it says

“It’s dinner time and I don’t have enough firewood”.

Your hand feels around the darkness and you pick up a wooden stick.


What do you do in this threatening situation?

– Hate yourself for falling into the pit

– Hide in the shadows and hope that the creature will leave to get more firewood

– Hit the creature with the wooden stick

– Pick an argument with the creature

– Try very hard to climb out of the slippery pit.


Group Facilitation

Read out the following scenario. Ask each player to choose the reaction. You can also allow them to come up with their own stress reactions. (2 pts)

Identifying the ways which we cope negatively is important so that we can find more helpful and positive ways to cope with life situations.

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