Your Checklist Result is Very High

Your score falls into the very high range which suggest that you have been experiencing a lot of symptoms of distress over the past four weeks.

We are so sorry that things have been so tough for you. Please know that you are not alone in this. Some people in this range may be experiencing depression or anxiety. These conditions can be treated and you can get well if you get help early.

Please note that this is a self-checklist and is not meant to clinically assess you for a mental condition. The purpose of this checklist is to suggest some pathways that you can take given the scores that you have.

Seek help immediately

Many people in this range may not want to get help as they may feel that it is pointless. If you feel that life is pointless and have thoughts of ending life please get help immediately.

Call SOS – 1800 221 4444

Call 995 – for emergency ambulance to take you to a hospital

Or Check-in yourself to a hospital A&E if you are overwhelmed with suicidal thoughts.

Please know that nobody wants to die, we all just want to find a solution to our problems. There is always a solution and there are people who can help you find that solution.

You may want to ask your therapist to help you with a Suicide prevention plan.

Please get help now


If you do not have suicidal thoughts and your condition is not so critical, please get help as soon as possible. Getting help for your emotional distress as early as possible will prevent it from spiraling into severe mental illness.

Talk to your school counsellor or find a trusted, mature person who can help you connect to professional help.

You can also contact these helplines.

You can also go to a GP doctor to get a referral to see a psychologist in a Polyclinics. Or ask an adult to go with you to the Polyclinics to get a referral.



Battling emotional distress can be very exhausting, so please put in place a self-care plan. Although a self-care plan is not a replacement for professional therapy, it can help to keep life stressors in check, clarify our emotions and help us as we try to live as best as we can.

Check out Shadee.Care’s Self-Care Plan



If you are on medication, please continue with the medication and arrange for a follow-up with your doctor to assess your current situation. Plan in a routine so that you won’t forget to take your medication. Remember, there is no shame in taking medication. Any other person with other physiological conditions such as heart, kidney etc, take medication to get well. It’s not any different for people with a mental condition.

Your emotions are real and your psychological condition needs attention. Your life is precious, please seek help immediately.

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