Your Checklist Result is Low

Your score falls into the low range which suggest that you have been experiencing little or no symptoms of distress over the past four weeks.

This is a self-checklist and is not meant to clinically assess you for a mental condition. The purpose of this checklist is to suggest some pathways that you can take given the scores that you have.


If you are on medication, DO NOT STOP taking your medication based on these scores or just because you have not felt negative emotional symptoms over a period. Please consult your doctor and therapist about stopping medication.


Daily self-care is important regardless of how we feel emotionally. Even though we may feel emotionally well most of the time, a daily self-care routine can help to keep the stressors in check and help us to be more effective in daily living. Check out Shadee.Care’s Self-Care Plan

Also, come join our self-care chatrooms.

Remember to do this self-checklist ever so often so that you can stay good mentally and emotionally.

Seek Support

This checklist may not assess everything that is going on for you. If you keep feeling sad, stressed, anxious or continue to struggle with some negative thoughts, please get emotional support. Talk to your school counsellor or find a trusted, mature person to talk to. You can also contact these helplines.

Please practice self-care and keep yourself emotionally and mentally healthy.

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