More about Shadee.Care

Shadee.Care is a Singapore registered charity for youth mental well-being.


Shadee.Care is a space where we hope you can find a lil’ dose of good vibes to make your day better.  We believe that everybody wants to have a fulfilling and meaningful time here on planet earth, but sometimes we just need a little booster in the right direction.


Shadee.care knows that sometimes life may not be as kind as we’d like it to be. We may experience emotions that we do not understand and behave in ways that we don’t like. So, we’ve put together quick and simple insights that will help you to care for yourself better as you face different challenges each day. You can find these under Self-care.


Here at Shadee.Care, we love making friends, cos friends are just so important to us. We want to build a community where you and your friends can come, feel safe and learn about how to support and care for each other. So, under Buddy Care we’ve got tips on how you and your friends can help each other face challenges in life challenges. We have online care-groups build in an app, where you can come together, share about your bad day and find solutions with the help of our trained mentors.


At Shadee.Care we share post of all sorts that help each other have a better day. You can keep your post privately for your own viewing or share them with your followers. Good Vibes is where all your awesome creations will appear such as funny memes, inspiring stories, quotes and celebrity updates. Make sure you add a dash of positive vibes in your post cos if our editors find your post uniquely uplifting and inspiring, we’ll feature it as a Shadee Pick  featured post. We believe that you should be rewarded for your awesome contributions, so look out for what we are giving away for that season.  At this moment, only members residing in Singapore will be able to receive tangible rewards


Shadee.Care is listed with the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) as a ‘youth online community, where youths can find support for self-care, emotional and mental health challenges’.


Everything in Shadee.Care is put together by professionals qualified in the area of Neuroscience, Psychology and Counselling, as well as people with lived experience.  All the insights and activities that we share on this site are supported by Neuroscience and Psychological principles. You can find out more about how our mind and brain works under ‘Headspace’ and ‘Mental Conditions’. Nevertheless, the information found here is not in any way diagnostic or a replacement for therapy.  Please see your own therapist to get specific help that would best suit you for your condition.  Getting help early is the best way to prevent any problem from going awry.


So come join Shadee.Care and make it even more awesome with your presence. Share with us what makes your day, your story and your views. A tiny doze of good vibes, no matter how small could really make a difference to someone else out there. And we hope that here, you’ll too find new perspectives, new shades that not only fit you but help you discover a better view and a better you.



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