Participation Agreement

Participants agreement and disclaimer.

  • When you join in the program and activity organised by Shadee.Care, you (participant) agree to abide by all the rules, terms and conditions required for the safe, pleasant and effective involvement of all other participants.


  • All care will be taken to ensure confidentiality of participants information and disclosures. Participants shall agree to keep such personal disclosures of other participants strictly confidential and refrain from sharing information about the program or other participants information outside of the program or in any public or social media platforms. Please do not ask for personal contact details of other participants. All communication shall be made within the platform provided for by the organizers.  Participants are not allowed to record the program or take pictures of the program or activities. Certain programs or activities may be recorded or photographed for future publicity by Shadee.Care or our associates and partnering organisations. In such a situation, the organiser and facilitator will announce accordingly and participants may choose to opt out of the photography.


  • In joining in with the activity, the participant warrants that they are fit and in suitable health to participate in the said program and activities. The participant will not hold Shadee.Care Ltd, our associates, partners, instructors and all personals involved in the organisation of this program and activity, liable for any injury, mishaps or accidents in the cause of the participation in the said activity. Shadee.Care Ltd, our associates, partners and all personals shall also be free of liability from any damages, disfunction and cost of usage of any equipment, attire, gear, props and all personal effects used by the participant in the program and activities.


  • While Shadee.Care takes every step to ensure that suitably qualified personals are assigned to assist in the activities and programs, all mentions and comments by such personals are not in anyway representative of Shadee.Care. Participants should thoughtfully consider and discern all comments for personal application.


  • This program and the organised activities are by no means diagnostic or to be taken as psychological or therapeutic prescription. Please see a qualified mental health professional if you feel that you require a diagnosis or specific treatment. If you have thoughts of self-harm or ending your life, this is a medical emergency. Please get help immediately. You can call the following numbers for 24 hour help.

SOS helpline


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