Polderstein 13, school of the amazing brain



A short, short time to come, in a galaxy very much like our own, a small planet struggles to survive the Great Storm. The apocalyptic event of the millenia has cut earth’s population to a third and divided the surviving populations into three pockets.

Sha a spunky teen with a bright future and a traumatised past; Niel, the surviving brother of a set of twins who has hidden powers and Ral D, a tortured half-man, half robot who yearns for redemption. What they are looking for is the Amazing Brain. This is their adventure… and yours!

This comic isn’t just for entertainment. It’s a tool designed to build resilience, drawing from the fields of Psychiatry, Psychology and medical social work.

By Daniel Fung, Liew Shiang Hui and Germaine Tan.

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