PULSE Esports, MLBB Tournament Finals 2024

Shadee.Care is a youth charity dedicated to helping youths optimize their minds for a better life.


Be a Mind Warrior and win vouchers

Win Grab vouchers. Read stories of MLBB characters and answer a simple question about their resilience factor. Stand a chance to win $10 Grab voucher with every correct answer.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back in the face of adversity. Several factors help us to build that resilience including a positive sense of self, agility, love, purpose, acceptance and social support.

Click image to read the story then answer the question about the resilience factor that has helped the character. Then fill in your contact information at the end of page.


Faramis set his sight on conquering death. What made him resilient?


Karina continued on her journey believing that she could one day bring Selena home. What made her resilient?


Atlas lost his entire sea-creature community and was the only one to survive. What made him resilient?


Sun finally found the strength to carry on with life after losing Li Li his bestie panda. What made him resilient?


Gusion refused to conform to the pressures of his family. What made him resilient?


Mathilda defeated the invaders and protected her home. What made her resilient?

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