Quarter-life Clarity



Frustrated, confused, unhappy with everything and even feeling guilty because there seem to be no real reason to feel that way. That happens a lot at many junctions in life, especially so as we move towards adulthood.

Quarter-life, the age between 18 to 30 is one of the most complex, confusing and yet one of the most important phases in ones life. While it’s important to take-stock of our lives every now and then, it’s even more important at this stage.

Join us for a group session as we dive a little deeper so that we can see a little clearer of where life can lead.

In these group sessions, you will be given information to understand possible issues associated with this stage, followed by guided group discussion that are either text-based or online face to face. Some possible discussion topics that could be covered include:

(1) Identify what you are going through

(2) Understand and manage your emotions better

(3) Realise your strengths and potentials

(4) Clarify what you really want and what it takes to get there.


Indicate your interest by signing up here:


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