Resilience, mental toughness

Some times when we see movies where characters brave through the impossible and read stories of real people that have overcome incredible challenges and we think, eh… maybe not me. Resilience,  being tough like steel, does not happen over night. And anyone can build this toughness.

So how can we built mental toughness

Resilience or mental toughness means having the ability to bounce back and recover as we navigate through life’s ups and downs. Here are some ways that can help us build resilience.


Know your strength

When faced with life challenges, anyone can buckle if we do not have any resources to rely on. But if we know what internal resources, strengths and abilities that we have, we can rely on these to navigate through the problems.


Look back at your past challenges

Resilience is often built up slowly through overcoming painful trials and life’s disappointments. We just need to look back at how we managed to get through the challenges in our past. Think about how our thoughts and actions helped you through a difficult time and what you learned about yourself. Often over time, our confidence in ourselves will grow as meet more difficult problems.

Problem solving

Resilience can  also be learned as we look at good role models to see how they’ve approached challenges in their lives. Learn from them, ask them how they made it through and ask them to help you in your journey.

Learning the right problem solving approaches and applying these selectively on the situation that we are facing, can also help us to know what works for us as we face life challenges. Sometimes, we may face road-blocks in our plan but a resilient spirit allows us to adapt to the changes that we need to make.


Positive thinking

Resilient people often have a ‘can do’ attitude. They tend to be more positive about life and have a growth mindset . Everyone will face failure, disappointment and unexpected turns in life. We may be derailed for a short time but how long we stay down will depend on how we see ourselves and what we can do to make a situation better. A positive mindset does not mean that we sugar coat everything. It means that we choose to focus on the good stuff that we still have, no matter how small or insignificant it seems to be.



Having a community of people who will support us and cheer us on in our difficult journey can really help us build resilience one pebble at a time till we become strong and able to stand on our own. Find that community in Shadee.Care Hangouts.

Here are some real life stories of really tough women who have conquered the odds.



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