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Mind-care is more fun when we share with other like-minded people. Here at our Shadee.Care community we learn from each other on how to look after our minds, manage our emotions and cope better with all those pain points in life.

So share with us:

(1) How you do mind-care, manage painful emotions or cope with life challenges.

(2) Something you learn about mental health from your fave celebrity, a movie, anime or story.

Headline Post or those featured in Shadee Pick Winner will be rewarded with a $20 gift card of your choice.  If you post is not featured and visible to the public, it will still remain in your personal account portfolio. Your friends can still see it, so long as you allow them to ‘friend’ you to see your post.


Here is how you can send in your contribution:

It’s easy, here’s how:

  • Sign up as a member.  Your User name will show up on your post.


  • Send us a post from your account by logging into your profile and choosing ‘submission’. Here’s more information on How to submit a post.


  • We will send you an email if your post is featured on the website under Shadee Pick winners.

Please note that this giveaway is for young people below the age of 28 and with Singapore address only. Your age and address will be required for verification to receive the giveaway. Please see Terms and Conditions.


Wanna create content for Shadee.Care? 

We are always looking out for people who are into mind-care and mental-wellbeing and want to share their knowledge. If you can write or create content for social media, please send us an email to [email protected]We’d love to have a chat with you!


Thanks for visiting Shadee.Care.




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