What is Somatisation

All emotions have a physical component and can be expressed in our bodies (e.g. blood rush when angry/embarrassed). Somatic symptoms are physical symptoms stemming from stress. The most common somatic symptoms are stomach aches, chest pain and headaches. It is important to seek advice from a doctor before considering if symptoms are somatic in nature. KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital has developed a self-help video (see link below) for mild somatic symptoms. It explains in detail how somatic symptoms can surface and what young people and their parents/carers can do to help. A doctor may suggest referral to a counsellor or psychologist for more severe/ prolonged somatic symptoms.


If this is you, please watch this video by clicking on the image below

Better still, send your parents this link so that they can understand and support you.



Celebrities suffer from Somatization symptoms too! 

Red Velvet’s Joy keeps healthy to manage somatic symptoms.


Ives, Rei taking a break due to heart palpitation



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