We may occassionally feel the jitters and butterflies in our tummy just before an exam, a stage performance or meeting with new people. Feeling nervous and anxious just before an important event is normal for most people.

So, why do we get such feelings?




How can we calm down?

(1) Deep Breathing 


(2) Listen to soothing music



(3) Think of a flip side to the situation.









(4) Think of your favorite place. Use your senses to describe what you see, hear, smell and feel about the place. 



(5) Use the ABC method to see the situation in more positive light



Symptoms of anxiety disorder 

However, if these feelings are uncontrollable and happens to the extent that we cannot continue on with our normal daily lifes, then it could be a disorder that requires proper treatment. Some other symptoms of Anxiety disorder includes persistant worry, excessive nervousness, sleep problems, muscle tension, poor concentration, increased heart rate, upset stomach and consistant avoidance of fear



Need some professional help with your anxious thoughts? 

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