Why am I stressed?

Everyone experiences stress at one time or another. Stress is an emotional and physical response to demanding situations. The symptoms of stress include worry, anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed, increased heart rate, headaches, difficulty sleeping, procrastination, difficulty concentrating, indigestion, always feeling tired and other bodily sensations.


Is stress really that bad?


5 tips to managing stress


(1) Self care

  • Eat healthy, keep a regular sleep schedule, drink enough water, exercise
  • Set aside time for relaxation and fun
  • Do not over-commit yourself



(2) Prioritize

  • Do quick task first
  • Reduce your to-do list
  • Work on task that gives you faster and better results first



(3) Keep a balance

  • Balance your time and energy between important areas e.g family, friends, hobbies as well as studies or work
  • Don’t place all your hopes and dreams in one area



(4) Look at your problems from a distant

  • Problems always look bigger when we stare closely at them.
  • Take a broader context. Would it matter in a month’s time, a year’s time, many years later?



(5) Talk to someone

  • Talk about your stress even if you or the other person can’t solve the issues. Talking about the problems help to release hormones in your body that can reduce the negative feelings you get when you are stressed.
  • Do try to talk to people who can help you develop a more positive perspective.




Images by Pixabay
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