B’day Giveaway Video Contest

Mind Care @Shadee.Care video contest

Me time is so important no matter how busy you are. Shadee.Care wants you to make time for mind care @Shadee.Care. Hey, help us to share this message to your friends and followers and win whopping gift vouchers for yourself.

We are giving away 3 x $300 of cash prizes to the most awesome video that shows how you include mental wellness in your daily life.

Prizes include:

  • $300 gift card of your choice for the video with the most number of votes
  • $300 gift card of your choice for the most exciting video
  • $300 gift card of your choice for the most meaningful message


Here’s what you need to do

(1) Create a 20 sec video

Shoot a video that  shows you doing your hobby such as dancing, singing, exercising, playing football, baking etc or any normal routine. Show how you include mind care into your daily activities. You can make a video doing activities with a friend too.  Make sure your video is exciting, cos we are giving away $300 for the most exciting video!


(2) In the video add in a text overlay

mind care @Shadee.Care


Vote for me at https://shadee.care/bday-giveaway/

Here is a demo video of what you can do

In your video tell us why making time for mental health is soo important and how Shadee.Care can help you. We are giving away $300 for the most meaningful message!


(3) Sign up as a member

at https://shadee.care/register    or click image below to sign up

(4) Go to your account profile in Shadee.Care website
  • Choose ‘Submission‘,





  • Choose ‘Add new post





  • ‘Choose a format’ choose ‘Video


  • Choose embed and add in the url link for your video.


  • Click Publish.


(5) Get your friends to vote for your video

at https://shadee.care/bday-giveaway from 19 Nov 2021 to 17 Dec 2021. We are giving away $300 for the first video that gets 100 votes!

Vote and get lucky!

That’s not all, 10 of your friends who vote for your video may just win $20 gift voucher of their choice!

So grab your phones, start videoing and get your friends to vote for you.


This contest is for those below the age of 26 and Singapore residents only. We’ll announce the winners on the website and notify by email. Please make sure you fill in all the required information. Terms and Conditions for contest apply.



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