What if-Chat

What if, your future is within your grasp!

Trying to decide what to do with our lives, choosing school, jobs, relationships can be mind boggling. Even more so if we do it alone. So, let’s get together, share, bounce off ideas and encourage each other as we make our plans.

Let’s journey together to:
  1. Understand what you really want for your future and what life can be like.
  2. Find the strengths you have that can make this happen
  3. Create the goals and plans that will help you achieve this dream.
How this will happen:
  1. You will be given information to read for every step
  2. Apply the information to yourself
  3. Join in a text-based chat-group to share and discuss ( A trained Shadee.Care moderator will be look into the chat-groups to guide the sharing)


For starters:

Ask yourself?

  • Why do you want to embark on this journey?
  • What are you really confused, unhappy, disappointed with in your life?

Preparing for the journey:

(1) Unpacking unwanted emotions:

To be ready for a journey, we need to make sure we carry the right stuff with us. We may need to unpack and offload some stuff that is going to slow us down and that gets in the way of progress. It’s OK to feel the feels and we should respect how we feel. But sometimes emotions get in the way of us thinking clearly. So to really think objectively we may just need to tune in to those feelings and learn to tune it down to clear up our headspace.

5 steps to hush down those negative emotions:

  • Name the emotions that you are feeling e.g anger, jealous, sad, etc
  • Which is the predominant emotion?
  • Give that emotion a nickname and step back from that emotion
  • What distorted thinking is causing this emotion
  • Reframe or reappraise the situation.

Read more:

 Managing emotions

Bad Thoughts

Have you calmed down those emotions? Then move to the next page


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